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Jenni Oksala

I am Jenni Oksala the founder of Nordic Topline Ltd.

My background is working as a nutritionist and animal physiotherapist specialized in Animal Fascial Manipulation.

Solving hormonal challenges, issues with the stomach and intestines, and achieving high performance has been one of my greatest passions besides working with horses.

I have over 7 years of experience working as a nutritionist in Finland and UK, for the last years focusing on  helping people with autoimmune diseases together with a team of other functional medicine professionals.

I graduated in 2012 from the Tampere Sports Massage School as a horse trainer and specialized in equine massage therapy, 2017 studied Animal Fascial manipulation and the last two years I spent in UK for training to the profession of animal physiotherapist, as well as having regular training session with the GP dressage rider Sarah Sjöholm-Patience.

In Nordic Topline, I finally got the opportunity to combine my entire expertise and develop products to help horses to achieve high performance.

Since 2005, I have owned my own horse Trakehner mare Polka, which has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration in my career choices. The challenges of my horse led to the design of the Joint Elixir and, through that, the creation of Nordic Topline.

I'm excited about the opportunity to finally bring in the market products that meet my own quality standards and get to realize one of my dream professions as a researcher and a product developer.

Jenni Oksala, founder of Nordic Topline

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